Why parents are eager to empower their kids?

  • They understand that kids are influenced greatly by their peers especially between the ages 6 and 14 years.
  • They understand the importance self-belief plays in the life of their child.  If their child believes that they ‘can’, then they most certainly ‘can’.
  • Research shows us that kids are at their most impressionable age between 6 to 14 years, as most of their beliefs about themselves are locked in into their adulthood at this age.
  • Parents simply want to give their child the highest probability to lead a happy life.

Giggles 4 Girls mission is to host fun, exciting, but most all ‘Empowering’ parties for kids. In a fun and creative way we celebrate your daughter’s birthday all while we boost self-confidence, self-belief and enhance relationship among the friends at each one of our parties.

Ensuring that the positive impact of your party is felt long after the event. Our range of parties best suits little girls and princesses aged between 6 years and 12 years.

To help your kids become more of who they truly are…. start here … book in their next birthday party here.

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