Giggles 4 Girls is a mobile kids party provider with a mission to host fun, exciting, but most all 'Empowering' parties for girls.

In a fun and creative way we celebrate your daughter’s birthday all while we boost self-confidence, self-belief and enhance relationship among the friends at each one of our mobile party themes.

Ensuring that the positive impact of your party is felt long after the event. Our range of mobile kids party themes best suits little girls and princesses aged between 6 years and 12 years.

Princess Party

Spa Party

Disco Party

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Sharryn Beard April 2017

All the girls loved it! My daughter Abbey felt very special, as did all her friends when they shared their appreciation for one another. A positive body image and kind mind is so important nowadays, and 'Giggles4Girls' promoted this well.  Thank you for a wonderful party!

Maria Stewart March 2017

"The 'BEST' pamper party for Little princesses! Giggles4Girls did a 'Fantastic' job with everything I recommend them to everyone!"

Renee Pisevski December 2016

Thank you so much Giggles4Girls for making my daughters party so special! You guys were so pleasant to deal with and made my job so much easier. Kiera had so much fun with all her friends! xx love, Renee

Sonali Ghelani November 2016

What a fabulous day!! Thank you so much Giggles4Girls for an amazing birthday party for my daughter, Mya. The girls loved, loved, loved it!!

Amber Lynch October 2016

Thank you Giggles4Girls for an amazing party for our daughters. My girls and their friends rated it 1000 out of 10! Loved it so much and I highly recommend them to everyone!!!

Vanessa Traplin September 2016

Thank you so much Giggles4Girls for the fantastic Pamper Party, everybody had an Awesome time! The girls were all dressed in a pink fluffy robes, had mock champagne, read magazines, had  facials (cucumber and choc) , pedicures, danced, had the red carpet rolled out for a fashion parade, played games and had make up applied. Their parents were very impressed with the organization, set up, and interaction with all of the children, and they do everything for you!.. We would definitely recommend a Giggle4Girls party to anyone. Thanks again ! Luv xxx Vanessa


Why parents are eager to empower their kids?

  • They understand that kids are influenced greatly by their peers between the ages of 6 and 12  years.
  • They understand the importance that self-belief plays in the life of their child and if their child believes that they 'can', then they most certainly 'can'.
  • Research shows us that kids are at their most impressionable age between 6 to 12 years, and most of their beliefs about themselves are locked in into their adulthood at this age.
  • Parents simply want to give their child the highest probability to lead a happy life!