Embracing Self-love For Resilient Parenting

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In my years of mentoring parents, I have found that, almost always, we prioritise our children’s needs above our own, inadvertently neglecting our well-being.  We do this with the best of intentions, however, placing the needs of our children at the forefront can have significant effects on our emotional state and our ability to provide the best care for our children.

Empowered parenting is about recognising our emotions around our kids and taking back control of how we feel. 👍🏼

Here are some ways on how to practise SELF-LOVE: 😍

1. Locus of control 

Locus of control allows us to recognise the extent to which we have control over.  While we can create a supportive environment for our children, our children’s emotions are their own experiences and personal responses to different situations.  

What we can control, however, are our own emotions and how we respond to our children’s feelings.  By having this awareness, we model healthy emotional expression and provide a safe space for our children to explore and communicate their own feelings.

2. Observe our thoughts
The way we talk to ourselves, our inner dialogue, has a profound impact on our parenting experience. Negative self-talk can create a cycle of self-doubt and undermines our confidence in providing the loving guidance our children need.

By observing our thoughts and choosing self-love, we create a nurturing and empowering parenting environment.

🌟 Let’s remember, self-love is not a luxury, but a necessity in the beautiful journey of parenthood. Let’s embrace it and watch as our parenting journey blossom with love, joy, and fulfilment. 💖

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