Getting your child to recognise their strengths

When you look at your child what do you see? Most mums see an incredible little person who has the potential to do amazing things in their lifetime. But have you ever wondered what your children think of themselves?

For your child to recognise their own potential and their own strengths is a massive leap in the direction of self discovery.Simply sitting your child down and asking them is a great start. Having this knowledge allows your child to focus their energy on activities they can truely excel in and possibly even continue doing in the future.

Knowing that they have a special talent or a skill they do well can be a huge self esteem boost for your child, this ensures they stay driven and focused as well as enjoy what they’re doing!

How Important is Emotional Awareness?

Emotional awareness is something super important for all of us to have in todays world. Teaching our kids how to be aware of their emotional state is such a valuable tool for them to have in their back pocket especially when it comes to overcoming challenges. Emotional awareness is the ability to recognise your emotional state at any given time and posses the ability to keep positive regardless of external factors.

At our Kids Empowerment workshops and our Mobile Disco Parties, we show kids how to use music to get themselves into a positive and happy state. For example; say your daughter just came back from school and had a bad day, we teach her how to switch that glum emotional state she’s currently in to a happy and excited one using music as a trigger!

Having control over your emotional state is a priceless tool to have and will definitely help you and your child get through some pretty tough situations!


How can a party foster great relationships for my daughter going back to school?

With kids going back to school at the start of this month, it’s no surprise that birthday party bookings have kept our phones ringing off-the-hook!

A new class filled with new faces can be a daunting environment for your little girl.

As a parent you would be interested in getting a sense of your daughters new friends, right? A Giggles4Girls birthday party focuses on empowering girls and fostering stronger friendships.  We do this through our wide range of specially planned activities.  Where our girls are encouraged to appreciate one another, share what’s  special about themselves and their friends.

A Giggles 4 Girls party becomes a great way to allow your daughter to become comfortable with and get to know her new classmates. This also provides her with the opportunity to form lasting friendships!

As a mum, you get to know the personalities of your daughters new friends, as you sit back and watch your child enjoy her party while we take care of the rest.